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Member Terms & Conditions


Member Dress Code


  • Enclosed footwear (no thongs)
  • Slacks, trousers, jeans (no torn jeans) or dress shorts (no board shorts)
  • T-shirts, collared shirts, button up shirt


  • No rubber thongs
  • Blouse with slacks or skirt or Jeans (not torn jeans)
  • Dress

Unacceptable Attire

  • Thongs, scuffs, dilapidated footwear, gumboots, moccasins, slippers and ugg boots
  • Singlets, torn or ripped clothes, even if "designer" tears
  • Football, running, athletic, bike, tennis and board shorts
  • Tracksuit pants
  • Beachwear
  • Overalls
  • Any clothing displaying racist or similarly offensive messages


Membership Terms & Conditions


"Suncorp Stadium" is a venue of Stadiums Queensland.

Before paying your Membership Fees, please carefully read the Membership Terms & Conditions. The Membership Terms & Conditions are the terms and conditions set out below and the Membership Handbook (which incorporates the Members Code of Conduct and the Stadium's Terms of Entry). The Membership Handbook also sets out the benefits in respect to each category of Membership. Stadiums Queensland reserves the right to change the Membership Terms & Conditions from time to time.

The Membership Handbook that applies is the current version from time to time which is available at www.suncorpstadium.com.au/memberships or from Stadium Management on request. The Terms of Entry are also on display at Stadium public entrances.

PRIVACY NOTICE: We generally collect your personal information for the purposes of processing Membership applications and administering your Membership including processing ticket requests. Unless you advise us otherwise we will also provide you with offers and information related to your Membership which we believe will be of particular relevance and interest to you. We may also provide your information to sponsors and/or companies associated with the Stadium for the purpose of providing you with offers and information.

NOTE: Some expressions are defined in the glossary at the end of these terms and conditions.

1. Membership Events

Platinum, Gold and Silver members may access the Membership Area to use their Member’s Seat/s (subject to any availability) for Membership Events (if held) applicable to your category of Membership during the year. On occasion, at events where the total crowd attendance is expected to be less than 10,000 patrons and or at the discretion of Stadium Management, Stadium Members may be offered alternate, comparable seating in order to consolidate operational areas.
Other Events secured during the year may or may not be designated as Membership Events for a particular category of Membership.
2. NRL Magic Round
As a Special Event, Silver Members located on Level 3 will be asked to advise if they wish to attend the event by a deadline date determined by the Stadium. Should a Member fail to respond by the deadline, the Stadium may offer alternate, comparable seating pending availability.

3. Excluded Events

Excluded Events do not form part of the Membership, except as determined by Stadiums Queensland.

4. Additional Events

Platinum, Gold or Silver Membership holders will be given a priority opportunity in a designated period to purchase one ticket per Membership to attend Additional Events on terms determined by Stadiums Queensland and the Hirer. These terms may include changes or limitations on the use of Membership Benefits, different seating location and restrictions on access to Member facilities.

Tickets for Additional Events are sold on the terms determined by the Hirer, which are generally available at the Hirer's website or www.suncorpstadium.com.au.

5. No Guarantee of Events

Stadiums Queensland does not give any assurance or guarantee that:

  • All Membership Events or any particular number of Membership Events will be held at the Stadium in a year;

  • Any other Events secured will be designated Membership Events for all or any category of Membership; or

  • Any further Additional Events will be secured.

6. Member Facilities and Access 

The Membership Handbook sets out the terms and conditions on which you may access and use Member facilities including dress code, entry into the Stadium and availability of charge cards.

7. Use of Membership by Others

You can allow another person ("nominee") to use your Membership Card to attend and access Membership Benefits at a Membership Event. The nominee must comply with the Membership Terms & Conditions as if they were a Member and you are responsible for the nominee's compliance.

The Membership Handbook sets out the way in which you can transfer a Membership permanently to another person.

8. Membership Fees

Your Membership Fees are not refundable

8.1.  Payment Options

  • Platinum, Gold and Silver Membership fees may either be paid in full at the date of purchase (up front annual payment) or by instalment payments (instalment option).

  • A failure to make instalment payments may result in your membership being suspended or cancelled. Even if your membership is cancelled, you will still have to pay the balance of the entire annual membership fee - see clause 7.2.

  • Stadiums Queensland reserves the right to vary the terms of this instalment option.

8.2 Failure to make Instalment Payments

  • If any payment fails to transfer from your nominated account on the due date (first attempt), our automatic debiting system will attempt to re-process any unsuccessful payments (second attempt) within 3 business days after the first attempt along with any reversal or late fees that may apply;

  • If the payment has not been transferred from your nominated account after the second attempt, Stadiums Queensland may by notice to your registered email or postal address:

    • Suspend your membership until all outstanding instalments, together with any reversal or late fees, are paid; or

    • at any time that instalments or any other amount remain overdue, cancel your membership.

  • If your membership is cancelled, the unpaid balance of your membership fees, together with any reversal or late fees, remain payable by you and may be forwarded to a collection agency for further action;

  • You should check any applicable fees which may apply by reading the terms and conditions of the account debiting provider and your nominated account provider.

9. Membership Renewal

Stadiums Queensland may offer you a renewal of Membership for the following year but is not obliged to do so. A renewal notice may include notice of changes of terms and conditions and prices and advice on the position of your Member's Seat(s) for that year.

By paying the applicable Membership Fees for a renewal of this Membership, you agree to renew your Membership/s on the Membership Terms & Conditions (as amended from time to time). Members who request changes to their Membership seating position, Membership category or number of Membership seats accept that this may require the position of the seats to be adjusted.

If a renewal is not offered, Stadiums Queensland is not obliged to make you any offer of a membership under any replacement membership program or at all.

10. Member's Responsibilities

You must comply with the Membership Terms & Conditions and the terms and conditions for an Event issued by the relevant Hirer at all times while in the Stadium.

Members are directed in particular to the Members Code of Conduct set out in the Membership Handbook for specific conditions regarding dress code, alcohol consumption, smoking, mobile phones, radios and misconduct.

You will be notified of material changes to the Membership Terms & Conditions as soon as practicable after the changes come into effect. Updated Membership Terms & Conditions will be displayed on the Stadium website at www.suncorpstadium.com.au.

Examples of circumstances in which material changes to Membership Terms & Conditions may occur, include responding to new laws, improving services to Members, or to respond to changes in Stadiums Queensland's business or systems.

The Member must abide by any rules that Stadiums Queensland may establish from time to time concerning the Membership Area that are required by law or for the safety and convenience of patrons at the Stadium. Such rules may be displayed by signage at the Stadium.

You must only use your Member's Seat/s for the purpose of viewing an Event which your Membership entitles you to attend.

You must not sell or offer for sale any right of access to an Event (including use of a Membership Card), ticket or any car park pass provided to you under your Membership, nor any other Membership Benefit provided to you. This includes not allowing any person to:

  • market or sell Membership Benefits as part of hospitality packages;

  • resell Membership Benefits through a broker or agent;

  • advertise Membership Benefits or offer them for resale on the internet or in any other medium; or

  • use Membership Benefits for advertising, promotion or other commercial purposes (including competitions and trade promotions) or to enhance the demand for other goods or services.

You must not:

  • damage or in any way alter the Membership Area, your Member's Seat/s, Membership passes or parking tickets or any other property at the Stadium; or

  • create any disturbance or nuisance or cause any objects to be thrown or dropped from the Membership Area or do anything which poses a potential threat to the safety or welfare of any person at the Stadium.

You must pay the costs of repairs, replacements or cleaning of your Member's Seat/s or other parts of the Membership Area which are caused by you or your nominee/s use (other than as a result of ordinary use and wear and tear) such as graffiti, vandalism or additional cleaning requirements caused by vomit, defecating or soiling.

11. Stadium Works

The Membership Area and/or your Member's Seat/s or the method of access to them may be changed. The Membership Area and/or your Member's Seat/s may be re-located temporarily or on a permanent basis.

Examples of the reasons for such changes or re-location include for the improvement of services to Members generally, maintenance and upkeep of the Stadium, Event or Hirer requirements, safety or licensing requirements or other legal reasons.

You may not make a claim for compensation in respect of any changes or re-location unless the changes or re-location arise from Stadiums Queensland's own negligent acts or omissions.

12. Cancellation and Suspension of Membership
Your Membership may be cancelled or suspended (for a period determined by Stadiums Queensland) or you or your nominee/s may be removed from the Stadium if you or your nominee/s:

  • do not comply with any of the Membership Terms & Conditions; or

  • commit an act which would amount to a breach of the law (e.g. theft, public nuisance, drunk and disorderly conduct); or

  • Stadium staff or contractors form the opinion that your, or your nominee's, conduct has impacted on the enjoyment of other patrons of the Stadium; or

  • fail to make instalment payments.

If your Membership is cancelled or suspended or you or your nominee/s are removed from the Stadium, no part of the Membership Fee is refundable and no compensation is payable.

13. Conduct and Cancellation of Events

Stadiums Queensland is not responsible for the manner in which an Event is conducted by a Hirer.

Stadiums Queensland is not responsible if you do not use your Membership Seat at a Membership Event which you are entitled to attend and no Membership Fee refund or other compensation is payable by Stadiums Queensland in those circumstances.

Stadiums Queensland is not responsible if an Event you are entitled by your Membership to attend is cancelled, abandoned or postponed and no compensation is payable by Stadiums Queensland in those circumstances unless arising from Stadiums Queensland's own negligent acts or omissions.

14. Companion Cards

Companion Cards issued by the Queensland Government are recognised in Suncorp Stadium Membership Areas when provided in advance of an event and presented by a valid card holder who is accompanied by the individual for whom they are caring, subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant Hirer.

Subject to the Hirer's terms and conditions, Companion Card holder seats will be at no charge for Membership Events. If terms and conditions of a Hirer require a payment by the Member or the Stadium for any allocated member seating, Suncorp Stadium will provide the Companion Card holder with a first right of refusal to purchase a seat at the appropriate ticket price.

If Companion Cards are not recognised by the Hirer for an Additional Event, Suncorp Stadium will endeavour to provide a first right of refusal to the Companion Card holder to purchase a carer's seat at the appropriate ticket price. Even if Companion Cards are recognised by a Hirer at Additional Events, they may be subject to restrictions in terms of seating location.

15. Liability

Subject to any liability arising from Stadiums Queensland's own negligent acts or omissions, neither Stadiums Queensland nor Stadium Management are liable to you in respect of any loss or damage which you may incur from using your Membership, including any failure or omission on the part of a third party supplier or contractor, or other Members, guests or patrons of the Stadium and you release Stadiums Queensland and Stadium Management from any such liability.

Neither Stadiums Queensland nor Stadium Management make any representation as to the suitability or quality of your Member's Seat/s nor warrant any representations made by any employee or agent of either Stadiums Queensland or Stadium Management in respect of your Membership which are not contained in the Membership Terms & Conditions.

To the extent permitted by law, Stadiums Queensland's liability (if any) under the Membership Terms & Conditions is limited, at Stadiums Queensland's option, to refunding the price of the goods or services in respect of which the infringement has occurred or to providing, replacing or repairing those goods or providing those services again.

If at any time any term or condition forming part of the Membership Terms & Conditions is or becomes illegal or unenforceable in any respect, it will not affect the legality or enforceability of any other term or condition in the Membership Terms & Conditions.

16. Glossary

Additional Events means Events secured by the Stadium for which the Hirer has agreed to give a priority opportunity for Members to purchase tickets (one ticket per Membership) and includes a second State of Origin Rugby League game if held at the Stadium in any year, Bledisloe Cup Rugby Union Test matches, Concerts and British and Irish Lions' Tour Rugby Union matches held at the Stadium.

Automatic debiting means the debiting system selected from time to time by Stadiums Queensland and advised to you, which is currently Ezidebit.

Event means any event staged at the Stadium.

Excluded Event means:

  • An Event sanctioned by an international sporting organisation (e.g. FIFA Football World Cup matches, Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Rugby World Cup) where the Hirer determines that the Member will not have access to the Membership Area;

  • Bledisloe Cup Test matches, England Test Matches and British and Irish Lions Tour matches;

  • Private hirings to which attendance is not offered to the general public;

  • Any Events for which tickets are not offered for sale to the general public; and

  • Any Events where for commercial reasons, Stadiums Queensland is unable to provide Members with their Member's Seat/s.

Hirer means a person who hires the Stadium to stage an Event or such other person who controls the Event.

Member's Seat/s means your allocated seat/s designated by Stadiums Queensland from time to time.

Membership means the Platinum, Gold, Silver,Sideline Club or any other Membership category introduced by the Stadium or the Member Development Package allocated to you under your Application.

Membership Area means the area of the Stadium designated by Stadiums Queensland as Members' seating and facilities from time to time.

Membership Reserve means the area designated by Stadiums Queensland for Platinum, Gold and Silver Members on level 5 of the Eastern stand. This area is not available to Sideline Club members.

Membership Benefits means the benefits of a Membership set out in the Membership Handbook and enjoyed subject to the Membership Terms & Conditions.

Membership Card means a card or other instrument (e.g. electronic ticket) issued by Stadiums Queensland to evidence the Member's Membership in such form as Stadiums Queensland determines.

Membership Event means the Events staged at the Stadium which your category of Membership entitles you to attend as referred to in the Membership Handbook from time to time initially including:

(a) for Platinum, Gold and Silver Members:

  • The first State of Origin Rugby League game held at the Stadium per calendar year (any additional State of Origin Rugby League games held at the Stadium in a calendar year will be treated as an Additional Event);

  • Brisbane Broncos home National Rugby League (NRL) games, including NRL finals; other regular NRL premiership games, including finals (Note - If an NRL premiership grand final is secured for the Stadium, Members may use their Member's Seat/s, but, at the election of the NRL, may be required to pay the equivalent of a Category A seat ticket price for that match);

  • Rugby League Test matches organised or controlled by the NRL / Australian Rugby League;

  • The Intrust Super Cup Grand Final or similar final organised by the Queensland Rugby League;

  • Rugby Union Test matches organised or controlled by the Australian Rugby Union (ARU), except for Bledisloe Cup Test matches, England Test Matches and British and Irish Lions Tour matches;

  • Queensland Reds home Super Rugby Union games , including Super Rugby finals;

  • Socceroos internationals, except for internationals deemed Excluded Events, and

(c) for Membership Development Packages, the Events specified in the Membership Development Package allocated to you under your Application.
Membership Fee means the fees payable by you for your Membership.

Membership Handbook means the membership handbook issued by Stadiums Queensland to Members from time to time and which is available at www.suncorpstadium.com.au/memberships or from Stadium Management on request.

Membership Terms & Conditions means these terms and conditions and the Membership Handbook (which incorporates the Members Code of Conduct and the Terms of Entry).

Nominated account means your bank account nominated for the purpose of our automatic debiting system in the appropriate form.
Special event means an event that may or may not be designated as a Membership Event and/or may or may not have entitlement restrictions for specific Membership Category types.

  • NRL Magic round; Platinum and Gold Members may use their Members Seat/s, with Silver Members being required to reserve their seat for use (at no extra cost) as per Part 2 of these terms and conditions

Stadium means the stadium currently known as Suncorp Stadium (or any other name from time to time) at Milton, Brisbane.

Stadiums Queensland means Stadiums Queensland or its agent AEG Ogden (Brisbane Stadium Management) Pty Ltd or any other person appointed as manager of the Stadium from time to time.

Stadium Management means AEG Ogden (Brisbane Stadium Management) Pty Ltd or any other person appointed as manager of the Stadium from time to time.

Terms of Entry means the terms of entry to the Stadium published by Stadiums Queensland from time to time, the current version of which is displayed at the Stadium and is available at www.suncorpstadium.com.au or from Stadium Management on request.