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Australian Bush Tucker Garden at the Stadium

Australian Bush Tucker Garden at the Stadium


Native plants bring a touch of bush to Suncorp!

As part of the ongoing development and upgrades at the venue, the Suncorp Stadium Grounds Team (Mal, Rob and Cal) have been hard at work bringing to life an Australian Bush Tucker Garden on the Milton Road end of the Stadium.

Located above the Bus Station and just off the Plaza (south of John Eales), the Southern Garden includes a variety of native plants and a feature rock garden.

The redesign is fully irrigated with new turf and landscaped gardens for public enjoyment. The plants were chosen for their sustainable qualities requiring minimal water while encouraging bees and birds to the area.


Design Process

The design process was completed in collaboration with Simon Lee from the Sleeman Sports Complex and the Suncorp Stadium Grounds Team.

The design scope called for an Australian Bush Tucker Garden with healing, edible plants to encourage local wildlife. The plants provide a food source for bees, butterflies, birds and even lizards!

Build Process

All works for the Bush Garden including the garden redevelopment and irrigation were completed by the Stadium's Grounds Team.

A wide range of plants have been used in the build including Midgen berry, Lemon & Grey myrtles, varieties of Banksias, Bottlebrush, Grevilleas and Coastal Rosemary. These have a range of colourful leaves and flowers in tones of reds, browns, yellows creams and whites reflecting the variety occuring naturally in the Australian environment.

The plants were all chosen due to their hardy nature and low maintenance with many only requiring once-a-year pruning. The majority are small shrubs and provide ground cover again promoting native wildlife in the area.

Ongoing Projects

The Suncorp Stadium Grounds Team have now moved on to other garden plots on the Southern Plaza with more native plants in their sights. Congratulations to the team on an excellent job!

Check out some of the images of the garden below or stop by to admire the view!


The Suncorp Stadium Grounds Team from Left to Right: Mal Caddies (Grounds Manager), Callum Marsh (Groundsman), Rob Saxby (Senior Groundsman)