Broncos Team Announcement Round 4 vs Roosters

Broncos Team Announcement Round 4 vs Roosters


Broncos team to face the Roosters in Round 4

The Brisbane Broncos have made a few changes to their starting lineup this week. The Roosters will be in town to face the home team tomorrow night Thursday 4th of June with Kickoff scheduled for 7.50pm local time.

The game will be played in Closed Stadium conditions with no crowds.

More event information can be found here: Broncos v Roosters.

Brisbane Broncos Team

1.   Jamayne Isaako
2.   Corey Oates
3.   Jesse Arthars
4.   Darius Boyd
5.   Herbie Farnworth
6.   Anthony Milford
7.   Brodie Croft
8.   Thomas Flegler
9.   Jake Turpin
10. Payne Haas
11. Ethan Bullemor
12. Jamil Hopoate
13. Patrick Carrigan


14. Tesi Niu
15. Joe Ofahengaue
16. Rhys Kennedy
17. Matthew Lodge

As the game will be played without crowds, local event day parking and traffic restrcitions will not be in place on this day.