New Bush Garden on the Northern Plaza

New Bush Garden on the Northern Plaza


Our New Bush Garden

You may have noticed a Bush Garden that has sprung up on the Northern Plaza of Suncorp Stadium. Over the past few months, 11 new planter boxes were installed with over 150 new plants now established.

We think they’re looking pretty great, but did you know that they’re also all native varieties?

Sustainable Choices

By using native varieties of plants and shrubs, not only are we able to reduce our water usage and the amount of maintenance required, but we also get to celebrate our local natural beauty. Native plants acclimatised to our temperature and seasonal conditions allow for a more sustainable garden.

The varieties chosen are also known to attract butterflies, bees, birds and some even provide edible ‘bush tucker’. 

Design stage

Part of the design and landscape architecture also took into account the colour of the plants when they flower. Our Australian indigenous history is celebrated with the Red, Yellow and Black of the Aboriginal flag used as inspiration.

The planter boxes chosen also help to reduce water usage and maintenance ensuring the garden is as sustainable as possible.

The Bush Garden celebrates everything Australia and is a perfect addition to our Suncorp Stadium precinct. Well done to the team for putting it all together!


Bush Garden Varieties


Scientific Name Common Name
Brachyscome multifidi Lance leaf copper plant
Callistemon viminalis ‘ Green John’ Bottle brush
Goodenia ovata Hop goodenia
Viola hederacea Native violet
Westringia ‘Grey box’ Native rosemary
Xanthorrhoea Johnsonii Grass tree


Check out the images of the fresh new Bush Garden below!





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