Suncorp Stadium’s biggest donation yet a hole-in-one for Hear and Say

Suncorp Stadium’s biggest donation yet a hole-in-one for Hear and Say


Hear and Say Family Members, Left to Right: Isla (3 years), Wally Lewis, Archie (16 months), Finn (3 years), Elias (5 years)

Suncorp Stadium has today announced its biggest ever donation to charity partner Hear and Say with the record total revealed through a lotto barrel draw.

The draw, conducted in front of The King Wally Lewis, was made by 5 young members from Hear and Say Families.

General Manager Alan Graham thanked the Golf Day’s sponsors for their generosity and their continued support of the Golf Day which is now in its 13th year and has raised nearly $600,000.

“We have a fantastic network of supporters and sponsors without which we couldn’t achieve such a wonderful result” he said.

“It really is a credit to these supporters, many of whom have been with us since the beginning, that we have been able to raise consistently large totals each year culminating in our largest amount ever.”

The Annual Suncorp Stadium Golf Day presented by Programmed Property Services is an annual hit with many calling it the best corporate golf day they’ve been involved with.

Hear and Say’s CEO Greg Elphinston was on hand to receive the donation with the total being revealed by Hear and Say families who have benefited from the Stadium’s donations over the years.

Mr Elphinston paid tribute to the generous donations saying Suncorp Stadium’s support has meant that children with hearing loss can learn to hear and speak. It has provided funding for important therapy during critical brain development periods.”

Mr Elphinston said - “Hear and Say is incredibly grateful for Suncorp Stadium’s generosity and support for Queensland children with hearing loss. It has supported hundreds of children in Brisbane and in regional Queensland as well.

“Suncorp Stadium has enabled children to access Listening and Spoken Language therapy, social skills programs and playgroups, cochlear implant audiology support, and generalised speech therapy.”

In another surprise, the Stadium was able to make a separate donation of $1,013.40 which is made up of unclaimed cash found during events over the last 8 months.

Mr Graham said he was excited to see how much the venue would be able to raise next year with the Golf Day tradition set to continue in 2024.