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Titans Team Announcement Round 4 vs Tigers

Titans Team Announcement Round 4 vs Tigers


Titans team to face the Tigers

The Gold Coast Titans have made some changes to their lineup this week for their Round 4 Clash against the Wests Tigers. The game will be played at Suncorp Stadium as the Brisbane venue plays host for the Titans for Rounds 3-9 in the re-started NRL Telstra Premiership season.

The game will be played in Closed Stadium conditions with no crowds with Kick-Off to be at 6.30pm on Sunday 7th June.

More event information can be found here: Titans v Tigers.

Gold Coast Titans Team

1.   Tyrone Roberts
2.   Brian Kelly
3.   Dale Copley
4.   Tyrone Peachey
5.   Phillip Sami
6.   Ash Taylor
7.   Jamal Fogarty
8.   Moeaki Fotuaika
9.   Erin Clark
10. Sam Lisone
11. Kevin Proctor (c)
12. Keegan Hipgrave
13. Jai Arrow


14. Tanah Boyd
15. Jaimin Jolliffe
16. Bryce Cartwright
17. Young Tonumaipea

As the game will be played without crowds, local event day parking and traffic restrcitions will not be in place on this day.