April 14 2021 | Mike Colman

April 14 2021 | Mike Colman


I reckon the Broncos’ game against the Panthers at Suncorp Stadium on Thursday night could set the club’s course for the next few years...

As discussed in this column a few weeks back, Kevvie Walters’ side is going nowhere until he settles his halves combination. As tipped here, his decision to drop million-dollar man Anthony Milford gives Tom Dearden and Brodie Croft their opportunity to show that they can be the future of the club.

If they fail, it is going to put even more pressure on Kevvie and the Broncos’ retention committee who are fast running out of options. The key to it all is boom centre Kotoni Staggs who is shaping as the best solution at five-eighth next season, meaning Brisbane would show the door to Milford who hasn’t produced anything since 2015.

If off-contract Staggs decides to go elsewhere, it will free up some cash to chase Souths’ half Adam Reynolds – but if Reynolds also chooses another club, where will that leave the Broncos? Exactly where they are now – which is why it is so important that Dearden and Croft show Kevvie and club supporters something on Thursday night.

They could hardly have a tougher assignment than taking on the undefeated Panthers, but I reckon if they are going to cement their positions they might as well do it against the best.

What do YOU reckon?