MAY 6 2020 | Mike Colman

MAY 6 2020 | Mike Colman


I reckon the outcry over Latrell Mitchell, Josh Ado-Carr and Nathan Cleary breaking social distancing rules is the wake-up call NRL players needed as the game pushes ahead with plans to get back up and running.

If anyone doubted just how seriously the fans – let alone the NRL hierarchy and police – are taking matters this was it.

Millions of dollars, hundreds of jobs and the social welfare of thousands of the game’s supporters are on the line and the criticism and fines meted out to Mitchell, Ado-Carr and Cleary rammed that home to every other player in the competition.

It only takes one selfish, thoughtless or downright stupid player doing the wrong thing to ruin it for everyone and there is just too much at stake to let that happen.

What Peter V’landys, Wayne Pearce and the rest of the team behind Project Apollo have done to even get to the stage they are at now has been nothing short of incredible. In pulling together all the different elements, from government to broadcasters and players’ union they have shown every other sport – not just in Australia but internationally – what can be done.

I reckon any player who puts all that hard work and the best interests of the game and all its shareholders into jeopardy should have their contract torn up forever.

What do YOU reckon?