March 24 2021 | Mike Colman

March 24 2021 | Mike Colman


I reckon it’s well and truly crunch time for Kevvie Walters and the Broncos against the Bulldogs at Suncorp Stadium on Saturday afternoon...

The great Jack Gibson used to say that winning is a habit. The same could be said for losing, and right now it’s a habit the Broncos need to break.

The last time they won a game was on July 11 last year - also against the Bulldogs on a Saturday afternoon at Suncorp Stadium - and if they are to turn things around there is no better time to start than right now.

Both teams have had disappointing openings to their seasons and are desperate to climb off the bottom of the table, with talk that Kevvie might bring exciting young halfback Tom Dearden onto the bench as a ‘super sub’.

After his man-of-the-match performance in atrocious conditions for South Logan last weekend Dearden could add some spark late in the game, but the real difference between the teams might have nothing to do with any last minute shenanigans by the coaches and everything to do with the 4.30pm kick-off.

The Broncos invariably play well in front of a big Saturday afternoon crowd at Suncorp Stadium. There is just something about the daylight that produces a big match atmosphere and the players respond in front of their home supporters.

Coaches often talk about the “little one-percenters” that can be the difference between winning or losing. I reckon on Saturday afternoon the home crowd advantage could well be the one percent the Broncos need.

What do YOU reckon?