OCTOBER 1 2020 | Mike Colman

OCTOBER 1 2020 | Mike Colman


I reckon Brisbane sports fans could be in for a once in a lifetime experience when the NRL finals come to Suncorp Stadium on Saturday...

The future plans of Queensland great Cameron Smith are the best kept secret in the game. Everyone from fans to team-mates to club administrators to the media have been speculating on whether the record-holding Storm captain will hang up the boots or play on at the end of the season.

I’m told there is also a major publisher desperately keen to know the  answer, with a Smith biography all written and ready to be sent to the printer except for one key ingredient - a final chapter.

I’m not sure even Cam Smith knows for sure what his decision will be, but one thing is certain: he will be leading the Storm against the Eels at Suncorp Stadium on Saturday night. Whether Smith pulls the pin this year or next, chances to see one of the greatest players of all time in action are fast running out.

With the Broncos out of contention weeks ago it looked like the closest Brisbane rugby league fans would get to the finals would be their TV screens. The disruptions to the game caused by the coronavirus changed all that with the transplanted Storm virtually becoming a fourth Queensland team.

It would be impossible to find a positive from the COVID pandemic but if it means that Brisbane rugby league fans get one last opportunity to see the great Cameron Smith in action, I reckon we should take it.

What do YOU reckon?