2021 Stadium Membership Updates


Ticketing & Members Passes

  • Under our Covid-Safe Plan, we are required to record the details of members attending. We also need to work out the seating arrangements in advance to comply with the QLD Health approved seating plan. As a result it is necessary for members to register if they wish to attend future games.
  • As per the continued seating restrictions mentioned above, Member cards & lanyards will not be in use. Further Ticketing Information will be communicated before the first match back of the season. 
  • For upcoming Queensland Reds & Brisbane Broncos matches, you can access tickets by following the walk-through below
  1. You must have an active My Ticketek account - this is NOT related to your membership account, this is an account used on the Ticketek platform and is required under COVID-19 regulations for contact tracing purposes – if you do not have an account CLICK HERE to sign up.
  2. To access Members Tickets for upcoming matches via Ticketek  – CLICK HERE

  3. Select the match you require tickets for via the Date: drop down under TICKETS & EVENT INFO

  4. Enter your SUN NUMBER (for example SUN9999 including the word SUN) in the space that asks you to 'Please enter your SUN number to access tickets' and then click Ticket and pricing info

  5. The price Category will show as your member category i.e. Platinum, Gold or Silver with the Admit showing the number of seats you hold. Click on the number drop down and select 1.

  6. Select No Additional Fee option for either Mobile Tickets (via SMS) or Print-At-Home PDF (Please note: Mobile tickets will not be available today, however will come online in the next 48 hours)

  7. Follow the prompts on the following pages to complete the transaction and complete your ticket request. Tickets will be issued via the method you selected in step 6.

  • Larger groups (up to 10) are now allowed – one attendee (the host or main guest) must record their details during the RSVP process mentioned above for COVID-19 tracking purposes – they must also keep details of their other guests attending. 


Members Facilities

  • Level 5 Members Reserve open with access to the Members Bistro & Bar, Members Ale House and Air Conditioned Concourse. Note the buffet section will remain closed. Due to the recent regulations issued by Queensland Health, it is a requirement that all patrons in Corporate Function Spaces, Suites and Boxes must be seated when eating or drinking. Members can still collect food and drinks at the members bistro, but they will need to be seated to drink and eat.

  • Level 3 Members Bar open

  • Gate C Members Entry and Concierge Desk open


Members Dining

  • The Members Bistro will be open to all Members. To dine in however, you must be pre-book CLICK HERE to reserve a table now.
  • ​To see the current menu CLICK HERE


Further COVID-19 Stadium Information

  • You can find further general information about how ASM Global’s VenueShield and QLD Health are working together to keep our fans safe by CLICKING HERE


Useful Quick Links

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