Food and Drinks

Suncorp Stadium has several food and beverage outlets around the venue including several speciality bars:

  • Dedicated Gluten Free Outlet near aisle 327 - see more info below.

  • Vegan Outlet near aisle 306 - see more info below.

  • The Precinct Bar on Level 3 near aisle 328

  • The Garden Bar on Level 3 near aisle 316

  • The Fanatics Bar on Level 3 near aisle 335

  • For Stadium Members only:

    • The Stadium Members Bars on Level 3 near aisles 323 and 320

    • The Stadium Members Emerald Lounge Restaurant and Bars on Level 5

  • For Hirer Members only:

    • The Code Members Lounge on Level 2 near aisle 301

Please note, outlets do not open for every event and are dependant on the size of the crowds. There are also a number of concession stands which offer a range of options.

Please note, Suncorp Stadium is a cashless venue accepting payment by card only.

Patrons are permitted to bring in sealed plastic water bottles and homemade food as long as it is not commercially packaged or in glass or metal containers or bottles.  Food and beverage products purchased at commercial outlets or in commercial packaging are not permitted. This does not apply to food or beverages for patrons with special dietary requirements provided that such food or beverages are not packaged in prohibited containers such as glass or cans. The stadium has a wide variety of food and beverage options.


Suncorp Stadium's 'Muster Grill' 

New Outlet located opposite Aisle 324, complete with 'Aussie Beef' and offering an 'Aussie Works Burger', 'Beef Tejano Loaded Fries' and 'Beef Brisket Hoagie'. Please note, opening of this outlet will be dependant on crowd size, thus will not be open for every event.



Dietary FAQs:

Gluten Free:

  • Dedicated Gluten Free Kitchen/Outlet located at Aisle 327:
    • All items are cooked in individual fryers - no cross-contamination.
    • All items are cooked in Canola Oil.
    • Items available include GF Chicken, Nachos, Chips, Pies, Salads, Fruit Salads (depending on seasonal availability), and sweet treats.
  • All outlets throughout the venue offer Gluten Free items and all chips are Gluten Free, except for Red Rooster Outlets which are NOT Gluten Free.
  • The Vegan Outlet located at Aisle 305 (more info below) is also Gluten Free except for one salad.
  • Some Concession Stands also have Gluten Free options, including Brat Haus who offer a 'naked' Bratwurst without the bun.
  • Staff have dietary information at all outlets to confirm Gluten Free options available, please see outlet staff for more information.



  • Dedicated Vegan Outlet located at Aisle 305.
  • Various outlets throughout the venue also offer Vegan options including the 'Garden Burger' and Vegan desserts.
  • Some Concessions also offer vegan options, including Brat Haus who offer a Vegan Bratwurst made with a wheat and soy-based sausage.

Other General Dietary Information:

  • All outlets have an allergen matrix upon patron request. 
  • While all care is taken to observe dietary requirements, the patron is ultimately asked to make the decision on what they can and can’t have.
  • Three different types of fish used throughout Outlets – Gourmet fish and Traditional fish tend to be alternated between outlets then Whiting used in some also.
  • Patrons are permitted to bring in homemade food as long as it is not commercially packaged or in glass or metal containers.