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Suncorp Stadium Aerial


What are the latest COVID-19 restrictions and vaccination requirements at Suncorp Stadium?

Covid-19 restrictions and vaccine requirements are updated in line with Queensland Health advice. We ask that you check out our COVID-Safe page for the latest information. 

What is Suncorp Stadium’s seating capacity?

The official seating capacity of Suncorp Stadium is 52,500.  In concert mode the venue can host up to 60,000 patrons.

How do I become a Suncorp Stadium Member?

If you’re looking for the best seat in the house, exclusive access to premium food and beverages and so much more, please visit our Stadium Members page or call 07 3331 5050.

Can I hire out a function space at Suncorp Stadium on non-event days?

Make your event one to remember and host it in one of our exclusive function rooms! There are eight function rooms throughout the Stadium varying in capacity from 78 persons to 800 persons. Suncorp Stadium can be hired out for conferences, functions and meetings on non-game days. If you would like to find out more, please visit our Venue Functions page.

Can I hire out Suncorp Stadium for a particular event or activity?

Suncorp Stadium has a very heavy Event Schedule and due to this, we do not hire out the venue. 

How do I book or enquire about event day corporate packages?

To view our latest packages, please visit our Corporate Packages page.

To keep up with all our corporate offers and updates, please register your interest here.

For Corporate Packages for a single home game for Brisbane Broncos and Queensland Reds, please contact the hirer directly. 

Can I see inside Suncorp Stadium on a non-event day?

Suncorp Stadium has a team of dedicated staff who conduct Venue Tours throughout the year on non-event days. Bookings are essential and notice is required. To register your interest, please complete the form on our Venue Tours page.

Can I sit in and watch my team’s training sessions?

Brisbane Broncos and Queensland Reds don’t host training sessions at Suncorp Stadium. If an open training session is available to the public, it will be advertised via our Social Media platforms.

How to find out about Employment opportunities at Suncorp Stadium 

Please keep an eye on our Careers page. For casual event and cleaning staff, the Stadium do an intake each year and advertise this on our Careers page and Social Media platforms. 

How do I find out about curtain raiser information and upcoming events at Suncorp Stadium?

Find out what’s happening at Suncorp Stadium, including match day timings, on our What’s On page.

Where can I view my gate entry location?

Before you go, check out the Stadium Seating Map to find your gate location, as well as transport information and drop off and pick up zones. 

Can I smoke inside Suncorp Stadium?

Suncorp Stadium is a smoke-free venue. Patrons must exit the stadium if they wish to smoke. This includes e-cigarettes. Please ensure you keep your event ticket to be scanned upon exit and re-entry to the venue.

Can I purchase merchandise at Suncorp Stadium?

Merchandise will be available to purchase at the venue however, only cashless payments will be accepted at this time.

What happens when bad weather is forecast for an event?

Suncorp Stadium is an outdoor, open-air facility. An event may be delayed if adverse weather is experienced, however, this decision is determined by the club or event promoter.  Patrons should check Suncorp Stadium’s Social Media platforms for updated details, and prepare for wet weather by bringing jackets or ponchos. Umbrellas are not permitted to be used inside the venue as they block the view of other patrons.

Can I exit and re-enter Suncorp Stadium during an event?

Passes-out are now issued at the Northern and Southern Plaza ends of the Stadium. You will need to keep hold of your event ticket for it to be scanned out and back in again.

Will there be road closures around Suncorp Stadium during events?

Road closures will be in place around Suncorp Stadium before, during and after major events. Please follow directions given by Queensland Police, traffic controllers and traffic signs during these times. For more information, please visit the Brisbane City Council website.

What should I do if I experience anti-social behaviour at an event?

If patrons require assistance or experience anti-social behaviour they can SMS SunSecure on 0438 717 807

What should I do if I want a birthday/engagement announcement on the big screen? 

The content on the Big Screen is run by the hirers of the venue. Please contact the Brisbane Broncos, the NRL or the Queensland Reds with your request.

How do I stop receiving ads for the Stadium on my phone?

While we do not send out continuous emails  we do engage in placement of digital ads online. Like radio or television advertising, you may see or hear adverts that do not interest you from time to time.

If you are receiving ads from us and/or other brands and you no longer wish to receive them, you may need to disable ads or turn on the ad blocker on your phone or device via the browser or app you are using. You can also try turning off notifications for your phone browser. For more information, try using a search engine to search for "how to turn off ads on an android/ iphone".

Patrons may be subject to wanding and bag checks prior to entering the venue. Please refer to our Conditions of Entry for a full list of permitted and prohibited items. 


What food and drink can I bring into Suncorp Stadium?

Patrons are permitted to bring in homemade food and sealed plastic water bottles.  Food and beverage products purchased at commercial outlets or in commercial packaging are not permitted.  This does not apply to food or beverages for patrons with special dietary requirements provided that such food or beverages are not packaged in prohibited containers such as glass or cans. The stadium has a wide variety of food and beverage options.  

Can I bring in a backpack?

Only bags that are smaller than A4 will be permitted inside Suncorp Stadium. To reduce contact between staff and patrons, cloaking will not be available at the Stadium.

Can I bring in an esky?

Eskies will be permitted inside the Stadium as long as they are A4 size or under but will be subject to a search and MUST be able to fit under a seat.

Can I bring in my camera?

Cameras with a lens length no greater than 200mm are permitted into Suncorp Stadium. The use of photographic, video or audio equipment for commercial purposes is not permitted. Video and/or audio recorders, commercial digital equipment, camera tripods and/or monopods may be refused entry.

Can I bring in spray on sunscreen?

Sunscreen in aerosol cans is not permitted. However, sunscreen in non-aerosol pump containers is permitted.

Can I bring in a poster, flag or banner to support my team?

Flags or banners are permitted provided they do not contain offensive wording or political messages. Flags must be no larger than 1.5m x 1.5m with poles no bigger than 2cm thickness.

Are umbrellas allowed in the stadium?

Umbrellas are permitted but cannot be raised inside the venue as they block the view of other patrons. We recommend that you bring a jacket or poncho if rain is forecast.

Can I bring my child’s stroller into Suncorp Stadium?

Cloaking is not available at Suncorp Stadium. Strollers must be stored under your seat if possible. Strollers are not allowed to be used within the seating bowl. You may be required to relocate if you are unable to fit your pram under the seat.

Can I bring hot drinks into Suncorp Stadium?

Thermoses containing tea and coffee are allowed. These may be checked by security due to liquor licencing requirements.

I have a medical condition that requires me to bring in something on the prohibited list. What should I do?

If you would like to bring in a prohibited item due to medical reasons, please contact us prior to attending the event on 07 3331 5000 or

Please view our Getting Here page for information about parking and transport at Suncorp Stadium.

How do I get to Suncorp Stadium?

Public Transport is the best way to get to Suncorp Stadium. Your event ticket includes FREE public transport to and from Suncorp Stadium on all regular Queensland Rail train services and Transport for Brisbane bus services. You must have your event ticket to ride. Visit Translink to plan your journey.

Can I park at Suncorp Stadium?

Suncorp Stadium is a public transport destination. There are no public car parks available on event days and fifteen minute parking limits apply across the Lang Park Traffic Area (1.5 kms around the Venue) on event days. On-the-spot fines will be issued to offending motorists. For more information about parking restrictions around Suncorp Stadium, please contact the Brisbane City Council.

Can I park in the city and walk to the Stadium?

Yes. Proceed along Roma Street towards Petrie Terrace and walk towards the Stadium along either Milton Road or Caxton Street.

Is there accessibility parking at Suncorp Stadium?

There is limited accessibility parking at Suncorp Stadium and bookings are essential. Please visit our Accessibility page to book and for more information. 

Is there accessibility drop off zone at Suncorp Stadium?

There are 2 accessibility drop off points. They are located on:

  • Caxton Street - immediately north of Gates D and E (northern entry gates)
  • Castlemaine Street - corner of Chippendall Street close to lift access for Gates A and B (southern entry gates)

View the Stadium Seating Map to see this location.

What is the closest bus station to Suncorp Stadium?

Suncorp Stadium bus station is located directly under the Stadium and has easy access to the plaza to enter via Gates A & B. There are also a number of other bus stops in Suncorp Stadium area. Visit Translink to plan your journey.

Where is the closest train station to the Stadium?

The closest rail station to the Stadium is Milton Road. A pedestrian walkway directly from the Stadium to the station is located at the Southern Plaza. The next closest rail station is Roma Street. Visit Translink to plan your journey.

Is there a taxi rank at Suncorp Stadium?

The taxi rank is located on Castlemaine St outside Sports House. View the Stadium Seating Map for more information.

Is there a ride share zone at Suncorp Stadium?

No. Suncorp Stadium is a public transport destination. In the interest of the local residents, there is no area for rideshare around the Stadium. Please visit Translink to plan your journey.​

Do I get free public transport with my event ticket?

Your event ticket includes FREE public transport to and from Suncorp Stadium on all regular Queensland Rail train services and Transport for Brisbane bus services. You must have your event ticket to ride. Visit Translink to plan your journey.

Can I get free public transport if I have not collected my event tickets yet?

Patrons can use their confirmation email from Ticketek if tickets are purchased before the event and are being collected from the venue.

How do I apply for coach parking?

Coach operators MUST apply for a parking permit as there is limited capacity in designated on-street parking zones for coaches.  Please fill out our Coach Parking Application Form to apply for your coach parking permit.

Are there road closures around Suncorp Stadium on event days?

Suncorp Stadium's Transport Management Plan (TMP) addresses the additional pedestrian and general traffic and local traffic issues in and around the Stadium on event days and was prepared following consultations with key stakeholders, including local residents and businesses. For more information on local road closures, check out or Traffic Management page.
On October 3 Caxton Street will be closed from midday through until approximately one hour after the event concludes. 

Tickets for all events held at Suncorp Stadium should only be purchased through Ticketek. All questions regarding ticketing should be directed to Ticketek on 13 28 49.


Where can I buy tickets for events at Suncorp Stadium?

Ticketek is the only authorised ticketing agent for events at the venue. Suncorp Stadium has no obligation to honour tickets purchased from unauthorised re-sellers such as Viagogo, Ticketmaster Resale, Tickets, Ebay, Gumtree, Tickets Australia, Ticket Merchant, Ticket Blaster, Ticket Bis and Queenoftickets.

Can I buy tickets at Suncorp Stadium on the event day?

Ticket offices are located at Gate A, Gate B, Gate D and Gate E. View the Stadium Seating Map to see these locations.

Please note some ticket offices may be closed depending on the event or only open for enquiries and not sales. You will be able to purchase tickets online from your mobile device.

Are there alcohol-free seating options?

At some events there are unlicensed seating options available via Ticketek. Patrons are not permitted to consume any alcohol in these areas.

I have lost my ticket. What should I do?

Keep a record of your transaction and account number to assist staff to quickly handle any query. Contact Ticketek on 13 28 49 before the event.

If you lose your tickets on the way to the event, please see staff at any of the ticket offices located at the venue. To view the location of these ticket offices, please see the Stadium Seating Map.

Does my child need a ticket?

Depending on the event you are attending, your child may not need a ticket if they do not occupy a seat. This is up to the discretion of the club or promoter. Please contact the Brisbane Broncos, Queensland Reds, or Suncorp Stadium for more information.

I want a refund on my ticket. What should I do?

All ticket refunds will need to go through Ticketek. Ticketek states that "a refund or exchange of a ticket is applicable if an event cancels, is rescheduled or significantly relocated. A refund or exchange of a ticket is not applicable as a result of a change in your personal circumstances, a change of mind or an incorrect purchase".

If you would like to submit a request for a ticket refund, please use the Ticketek Contact Us Form and provide the following details:

I have injured myself and would like to relocate to more accessible seating. What should I do?

Please contact Ticketek if you would like to change your original seating location due to medical reasons.

How do I qualify for a concession ticket?

Concession availability and entitlements vary from event to event, depending on the club or promoter. Information about concession tickets will be provided at point of sale on the Ticketek website.

I am unable to contact Ticketek. How can we get in touch with them to resolve our issue?


For your options in contacting Ticketek, please visit the Ticketek site and search for an answer or complete their Contact Us form.


For more PWD and accessibility information, please visit our Accessibility page.

Is accessible seating available at Suncorp Stadium?

Accessible seating is available at Suncorp Stadium and can be purchased through Ticketek on 1300 665 915. Please see the staff at your gate for the best accessible route to your seat.

Are accessible toilets at Suncorp Stadium?

Accessible toilets are located throughout Suncorp Stadium. Please see the friendly event staff inside the venue to locate the closest accessible toilet to your designated seating location.

Is there wheelchair access to all seating areas?

All designated accessible seating is located without the need to utilise the stairs, or is accessible via lifts. Please see the friendly event staff at your gate for the best accessible route to your seat.

Are there accessibility parking or drop off areas at Suncorp Stadium?

There is limited accessibility parking at Suncorp Stadium and bookings are essential. Please contact reception on 3331 5000 to discuss parking for the event you are attending. You can also find out more about disability parking options by clicking here.

View our Stadium Seating Map and Stadium Overview Map to see the location of our major facilities.

Is there a TAB facility inside Suncorp Stadium?

TAB facilities are not available inside Suncorp Stadium.

Are there water bubblers inside Suncorp Stadium?

Water bubblers will not be in use during COVID-19 restrictions. Water bottle re-fill stations are available. If you require water, please ask our friendly bar staff who will provide it for you. 

Is there parent rooms and baby changing facilities inside Suncorp Stadium?

Parent rooms are located on level 3, near the Northern Information Desk. Please see friendly staff at information desk for access. 

Is cloaking available at Suncorp Stadium?

There will be no cloaking available at Suncorp Stadium in order to reduce contact between Staff and Patrons. 

Do you have somewhere I can go to pray or meditate during events?

Suncorp Stadium can provide a “quiet space” for religious observation or other requirements. Depending on its availability, a space on Level 3 near the south-west corporate area can be utilized. But if not, another space can be arranged. Those requiring access to a quiet space on event days should advise one of our Stadium Event Staff (wearing green shirts) who will make the necessary arrangements.

Do you have ATMs?

There are currently no ATMs at the venue. American Express and all major credit cards are accepted at catering outlets.

Do you have First Aid facilities?

First Aid facilities are available. Please ask one of our friendly event staff to contact First Aid for you. 

Where can I go to collect lost property?

If you have left items at the stadium on event days, please click here to submit an inquiry, or call Reception on 3331 5000 during regular business hours to arrange collection.