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Media Release: Using e-cigarettes will get you e-jected

Media Release: Using e-cigarettes will get you e-jected


Suncorp Stadium says using e-cigarettes will get you e-jected

Thursday July 28

Suncorp Stadium today has announced that e-nough is e-nough when it comes to vaping.

With an increasing number of patrons illegally using e-cigarettes during events, the Stadium, along with other Stadiums Queensland venues will be taking a zero tolerance approach from now on.

Suncorp Stadium General Manager Alan Graham said the action was necessary to protect the health and enjoyment of the majority of fans who are becoming increasingly frustrated with this prohibited behaviour.

In the past we have provided an initial warning before taking action but from Saturday on we will have a zero tolerance policy which will result in the immediate eviction of anyone caught vaping inside the Stadium.”

Mr Graham said, There is no way anyone attending the Stadium would not be aware that vaping is prohibited and their blatant disregard for others cannot be condoned.

We aim to provide a safe environment for our patrons and anyone putting in jeopardy the health of other patrons through the use of e-cigarettes is disrespectful and not welcome.

“I have spoken to the Broncos CEO Dave Donaghy who strongly supports this policy.”

In accordance with the Stadium's no smoking policy, smoking (including the use of electronic cigarettes or similar devices that are designed to simulate smoking) is prohibited in all areas of the Stadium.

The no smoking policy is in effect in venues across Queensland in accordance with The Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Act 1998 requiring all Stadiums Queensland venues to be smoke free.


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image of suncorp stadium signage and no smoking no vaping sign