Brisbane Festival to Serenade the King

Brisbane Festival to Serenade the King


Brisbane Festival to Serenade the King today!

As part of the Brisbane Festival’s Street Serenades, Local Brisbane Singer and Beatboxer Tom Thum will be performing near the Wally Statue in a “roll-in-roll-out” concert with Suncorp Stadium as the backdrop at 5.30pm today!
The Stadium Lights will be lit up Pink to support the event and remain Pink for the Saturday to celebrate the Brisbane Festival.

The pop-up starts today at 5.30pm and will go for around an hour.

About Street Serenades

Brisbane Festival will be serenading all 190 suburbs of Brisbane city during September! Over three weeks of the Festival, a free pop-up concert will be delivered direct to businesses as part of Street Serenades to connect with the local community. Read more about Street Serenades here.
Check out Tom Thum on YouTube: