APRIL 23 2020 | Mike Colman

APRIL 23 2020 | Mike Colman


Project Apollo just what was needed

I reckon the NRL’s proposed return on May 28 is the best news Australia has had for months. Not just because it means that footy, all things going to plan, will be back up and running soon. Because it has shown all other sectors of the community what is possible.

For millions of Australians locked up in their homes the future has looked bleak. The prospect of an end to restrictions has appeared to drag on interminably. Many organisations have been forced to shut up shop and do little more than hope they can hold on until they are told it is safe to reopen for business. Not the NRL.

From day one they have been proactive and looked for a solution. I must admit, when Project Apollo boss Wayne Pearce first announced the proposed May 28 restart I thought someone must have slipped something into his carrot juice, but now it looks like it is actually going to happen.

And you can rest assured that other major sporting bodies like the AFL and even overseas organisations are going to follow the NRL’s lead. Then, if the rugby league experiment works, the government will start to look more favourably at other corporate sectors working within strict health guidelines to get Australia back to work.

In recent years it has become something of a sport in itself to criticise NRL management. I reckon in this case they deserve a huge pat on the back.

What do YOU reckon?