JULY 22 2020 | Mike Colman

JULY 22 2020 | Mike Colman


I reckon the Broncos’ game against the Storm at Suncorp Stadium on Friday night will be the most important of Anthony Seibold’s career so far.

Not only could it be the one that determines whether he sees out the three and a half years remaining on his five-year contract, it could decide whether he even sees out the season.

On Tuesday afternoon Broncos chairman Karl Morris said that no decision about Seibold’s future would be taken until the end of the year but even in the few days since that statement the goalposts have been moved. The announcement on Monday that premiership-winning coach Paul Green had left the Cowboys has totally upset the status-quo. Before the Cowboys job became vacant and the highly-credentialed Green entered the market, Karl Morris and other club executives like him could have taken their time before making any major decisions over coaching appointments. In the case of the Broncos, that meant the board could sit back and see if Seibold was able to turn things around knowing that his logical replacement, Maroons coach Kevin Walters, wasn’t going anywhere soon. Not now.

Walters is said to be one of the favourites to get the Cowboys job, and Green – the perfect man to fill Seibold’s shoes – is sure to now be in the sights of the Warriors, who are without a coach, and possibly the Dragons and Sharks who might be without one soon. All of which makes Seibold’s position more tenuous.

The Broncos won’t want to miss out on both Walters and Green, and if Seibold is to hold on to his job his team will have to start firing soon. As in Friday against the always-formidable Storm.

It is a huge challenge but if Seibold’s players want him to keep his job they will have to show it on the field. I reckon it will make for a fascinating night of footy.

What do YOU reckon?