JUNE 4 2020 | Mike Colman

JUNE 4 2020 | Mike Colman


I reckon the NRL needs to have a good hard look at itself. Or at the very least at its logo.

Those three letters stand for NATIONAL Rugby League, and if Peter V’Landys and his board are fair dinkum they must look outside Sydney when it comes to the grand final.

News this week that the NSW government has back-flipped on plans to knock down and rebuilt the archaic ANZ Stadium means that the NRL’s agreement to hold 25 grand finals at the new venue is now null and void. That means that all stadiums in the country should be in with an equal opportunity to host the game’s showpiece event, but V’landys told 4BC’s Neil Breen on Tuesday morning that the game would be remaining at out-dated, unsuitable ANZ regardless.

Why? Because he now wants to push the government to build four new boutique stadiums in the Sydney suburbs and is offering the grand final as a carrot. That doesn’t sound like a national competition to me – especially one that is desperate to raise revenue in the wake of the Covid-19 disruption.

By its own admission the NRL does better financially at a “clean” Suncorp Stadium than at ANZ with its 18,000 members seats and pre-sold corporate suites and signage.

But it’s not just a question of dollars and cents. I reckon the NRL has a moral obligation to show some gratitude to the game’s most loyal and committed fans – the true rugby league supporters of Queensland.

What do YOU reckon?