SEPTEMBER 17 2020 | Mike Colman

SEPTEMBER 17 2020 | Mike Colman


I reckon this will go down as the craziest year in the history of Suncorp Stadium – and it’s not over by a long shot.

For the past few months I, like so many others living in Queensland, have been reading the various scenarios and permutations that have seen us looking forward to a feast of football at the stadium one week and a famine the next.

The only thing that seems to have remained constant is that Suncorp Stadium has been ready, willing and able to host just about anything that the Queensland government and the various football codes have allowed.

In comparison to sports enthusiasts in Victoria and NSW we have been lucky, with plenty of rugby league and rugby union going ahead under the most challenging of circumstances, but with the big end-of-year matches seemingly coming, going and hopefully coming back on an almost weekly basis it is hard to keep track.

At one stage it looked like Suncorp Stadium was guaranteed a Bledisloe Cup match on October 17. Then it was two matches, with another one on October 10. There was talk Queenslanders were going to get a slate of NRL finals – maybe all of them - and even a chance of hosting the NRL grand final. Well, given the fluidity of the COVID situation, just about anything is possible but here is how it stands currently.

With Australia now hosting all of this year’s Rugby Championship, the Kiwis are getting two Bledisloe games as a sweetener in October which means the Brisbane Bledisloe will now be played in November.

As far as NRL finals are concerned, we are lucky that Queensland’s unofficial third team the Melbourne Storm (or Sunshine Coast Storm as many are calling them) will play all their finals matches at Suncorp Stadium. If, as is very possible, they finish in the top two, that means one game on the first weekend of finals on October 2-4 and, depending on results, another on either the second or third weekend. Which just leaves the grand final.

At this stage it will definitely be played in Sydney, but of course that could change depending on the COVID situation in NSW. Which is how it stands today - but I reckon I wouldn’t be ruling out yet another twist or turn in the saga just yet.

What do YOU reckon?